Monday, 1 March 2010 - New radio ad going live...

Well, here we are on the official launch of our Radio advertising campaign on Mercury FM and Gold!   We have decided to raise our profile, and present the idea of a fun and carefree camper van holiday to families right across Surrey and Sussex!

We love camper van holidays in our family, and really appreciate the happy-go-lucky nature of driving around and seeing new things.   What a great way to get out and explore!

Contact us for more info - 01403 33 63 69 or go to

See you soon!

Daniel and Rebekah


  1. Camper vans are the way to get out and enjoy being family together - we love going across the Channel into France, and soaking up the sun and eating nice food!

    French campsites are cheap and well-appointed too, and every town and village tends to have somewhere to fill up with water, empty the loo and park overnight free.

    All the other camper drivers wave at you in France too! The roads are half-empty mostly, and we never bother with the motorways. Driving through towns and villages is much more interesting, and you can stop and get something to eat or have a look around at will.

    There's nothing like parking in a town square car park overnight, and waking up to the church bells and birds in the morning, then walking over to the french bakery for fresh croissants and pain au chocolat for thing!

  2. Our Facebook page is now published!
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